Dining room


I´m a curtain lover. Some people like their windows without curtains, I love how the fabric around the windows makes it more cosy...

On my walls


I like to change the apearance of my walls. An easy way is to replace posters, change location or move paintings from one room to another.



I have written down my best tips about how I take care of my geraniums. They are a durable, easy-to-handle flower that blossoms beautifully for a long time.

Guest house


Pictures from the transformation of our guest house.

Bread Recipe


This bread is so simple to make and is perfect as breakfast bread.

Different colors on fabrics and details change the atmosphere of a room. By adding flowers and candles you get a cosy and inviting feeling. I keep my walls in a light and natural base, then I add details in different colors to get that look I want.

Finally I have managde to create a blog and a home page. My updates here won`t be daily, but I`m hoping to have time to upload my projects and thoughts on a regular basis.