Dining room


I´m a curtain lover. Some people like their windows without curtains, I love how the fabric around the windows makes it more cosy...

One thing that makes a room cosy is textils in differnt colours and fabrics. The colour you choose on your curtains, pillow cases or your carpets gives the room a surtain feeling. I think that the wall colour your room have decides witch colour or patterns you can use. If you have a very colourful wall you must match the fabrics you want to use with the wall. If you have wallpapers with strong patterns, it can be nice to have the biggest part of the textils without patterns. That will give the room a calm feeling, and make the wallpaper stand out. If you blend to much patterns in one room it can feel messy and inharmonious. But sometimes different patterns work together, the most important thing is what you like. I think there is no wright and wrong when it comes to your home, the most important thing is that your home make you happy.

This spring I choosed a pink theme in my kitchen. I have curtains, pillow cases, paintings and lampscreens in a soft pink tone. My wallpaper have a floral pattern, but it´s light and calm so I have mixed in some patterns in my carpets and a few pillow cases. I love my new romantic pink porslain from GreenGate. I think it works so well with my interior..

At summer I always have white curtains because the sun bleaches the fabric so much. In summer in the northern part of Sweden we have daylight almost the whole night. Its called the midnight sun. It is a special feeling to see the sun shine at night. Under these light months my interior reflects the light and the lush greenery outside. I keep it light and simple as we spend most of the time outdoors. When the autumn comes, I spend more time with details and making my home cosy.

Last fall I chose purple colours to my dining area. After light summer textils it was time to make the kitchen more cosy and snuggly. I love to sit and eat at our dining table, look at a crackling fire in the fireplace when autumn storms wines outside the windows.

I let the seasons influence my interior. I don´t make big changes, a new colour on pillows or curtains can make a huge difference. A good tip on saving money is to buy, for example, new summer curtains in the fall when the stores sells out the seasonal goods. I like to make a bargain and save money. Interior don´t have to be expensive, plan in what you need and compare prices. Cheap interior can make a home as beautiful as expensive brands.