This post is about my wallpapers. I love romantic floral patterns..

This is my favorite wallpaper. It changes color with the light from a colder green tone at day to a soft warm green at night. This wallpaper is from Colefax & Fowler and is called Swedish Tree. I bought it cheap at ebay from a person that got rolls over after their renovation. If you find a wallpaper that you love, check out Ebay or another buy and sell page, and see if you can find it to a better price.

I have a wallpaper from Boråstapeter called Ornament behind my corner stove. I really like the soft pattern and the country feel of this wallpaper.

At my dining area I picted this beautiful floral wallpaper from Boråstapeter called Collected memories. It really blends in so well with my light grey kitchen and big ceiling cornice. It has a beautiful pattern that does´nt take over, it just melts in the background and makes the room more interesting.

For my gusetbedroom I choosed a wallpaper from Engblad & Co. The large leaf pattern is both beautiful and calming. It opens up the wall behind the bed and makes the room feel bigger.

My best tips when it comes to choose a wallpaper is to answear this questions:

1. What colours does the room have where the wallpaper should hang?

2. What type of feeling do you want to create with your wallpaper?

3. What patterns do you like? Big, small, floral, geometric...?

4. How much daylight does the room have and how much light fixtures?

5. How many walls is going to be covered by the wallpaper?

6. What´s your budget?

This questions can give you a hint of what you are looking for. It´s really important to consider how much light the room have, and what colors you want to combine with the wallpaper. When you have found a wallpaper that you like, google it on the internet to se how it looks in different rooms. A good idea is also to take a wallpaper sample home to see how it turns out in the room. A wallpaper can be experienced totally differently in your home than in the store.