My bedroom - in three designs


Different colors on fabrics and details change the atmosphere of a room. By adding flowers and candles you get a cosy and inviting feeling. I keep my walls in a light and natural base, then I add details in different colors to get that look I want.

This is my summer design. Flowers from my garden and bedlinen in a floral pattern gives the room a touch of summer. Decorate your bedroom so it makes you smile when you wake up in the morning.

I love the light that comes with the summer sunlight..

Grey and blue together gives a sense of peace and calmness.

Different textures and layers of fabrics on the bed, will make the bedding look luxurious and inviting.

I love my hanger on the right side of the bed. It´s perfect to hang up clothes on, that otherwise ends up on the floor.

Bright carpets lights up a dark floor, warm cold feets, is soundproofing and makes the whole room more cosy.